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Kristina Clayton

Birth Doula & Fertility Support Specialist serving families in Salt Lake County, Utah


The journey to parenthood looks different for everyone. Whether you are hoping to be a parent one day or you are currently pregnant, your path is unique and full of the unknown at times. As you navigate these roads full of options and choices, you deserve to have someone walk alongside you and help you find your inner peace, power, and confidence! 

I offer a fresh and universal approach to non-clinical informational, emotional, and physical support. With continuous education, I provide evidence-based information with a modern, practical perspective.  My mission is to recognize your unique needs and desires, providing customized support as you navigate your fertility or your pregnancy and childbirth; support that is intuitive, unbiased, and compassionate. I will honor you and cherish the sacred space you invite me into. 


I am a DONA International Certified Birth Doula serving families in Salt Lake County, UT. I am also a trained Fertility Support Specialist helping families pre-conception. My passion and love for being a doula are alive today because of my deep understanding and appreciation of reproductive health and the necessary care and compassion it requires. 

Become confident, feel empowered, and be celebrated! Intuitive, unbiased, and compassionate birth doula support throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.


The journey to conceiving can be trying for some, or you may not understand how to navigate the process. I want to help. I am a non-clinical consultant, offering informational and emotional support to help guide you on your preconception path.

a trained professional who provides non-clinical physical, emotional, and informational support to a family trying to conceive, or a birthing person and their family during pregnancy, labor, birth, and shortly after

Every birthing person should strongly consider a doula. For me, having a doula’s support throughout pregnancy, labor and beyond, made all the difference in my experience. Kristina is so knowledgeable and wise and helped me confidently make tough decisions during my pregnancy. She listened to my concerns and wishes and held space for me to express myself and work through all of my thoughts and feelings. It was so amazing to be able to reach out to her for support and advice whenever I needed it. She was a constant lifeline. She gave me so many resources so I could make educated decisions and feel confident and strong about my pregnancy, birth plan and choosing the right health care providers. She gave me resources about baby positioning and exercises for comfort measures and to prepare for labor, showed me how to make a comprehensive, informed birth plan, created positive affirmations for me to practice, gave me books to read, and held my hand in so many ways to prepare us for this incredible life transition. Towards the very end of my pregnancy I decided to switch from a hospital to a home birth and I don’t think I could have made that decision without her guiding me to helpful resources and giving me confidence to birth on my terms. I LOVED having her on our birth team and was so grateful for her calm, grounding energy during my labor. She was there for me physically, emotionally and mentally every step of the way. We had a beautiful home birth experience and I attribute much of that to her role in our preparation. I was grateful for how she helped my husband know how to support me and how well she worked with the other midwives on our team. I feel like we had the BEST care. I felt safe, validated, and cared for in every way. I’m so grateful for Kristina—my doula and friend!

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