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Kristina Clayton

Birth & Fertility Doula 



The journey to parenthood looks different for everyone. Whether you are hoping to be a parent one day or you are currently pregnant, your path is unique and full of the unknown at times. As you navigate these roads full of options and choices, you deserve to have someone walk alongside you and help you find your inner peace, power, and confidence! 


I am a DONA International Certified Birth Doula serving families in Utah and Salt Lake County. I am also a trained Fertility Support Specialist.


My passion and love for being a doula are alive today because of my deep understanding and appreciation of reproductive health and the necessary care and compassion it requires. 


I offer a fresh and universal approach to non-clinical informational, emotional, and physical support. With continuous education, I provide evidenced-based information with a modern, practical perspective.  My mission is to recognize your unique needs and desires, providing customized support as you navigate your fertility or your pregnancy and childbirth; support that is intuitive, unbiased, and compassionate. I will honor you and cherish the sacred space you invite me into. 

a trained professional who provides non-clinical physical, emotional, and informational support to a family trying to conceive, or a birthing person and their family during pregnancy, labor, birth, and shortly after
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"Kristina helped prepare me wonderfully and was the strongest and most reliable birth resource I could have. Throughout pregnancy, she perfectly read my needs and continued to encourage me in a way that she knew would work for me. Through birth and labor, she was constantly advocating for my wellness, helping me navigate my choice of birth (hospital, epidural-free), and helping me make decisions that would support the exact birth I wanted. She is an expert in her craft on a physical and emotional level. My labor, by force of my own decisions, went a traumatic and difficult direction, and she absolutely helped me stay calm and centered throughout.  My family members who witnessed Kristina in action (and had been skeptical of my decision to hire a doula) were in awe and all expressed gratitude for her role through my labor. She was fantastic, and I can't recommend her enough!"

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